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Knock out

There is a growing desire among budding gym goers to give boxing a go, but it's often accompanied by a sense of hesitation: reluctance to tread the unknown ground, along with a widespread misconception that boxing is a ‘brawling sport’ filled with aches and pains and broken bones. In fact, boxing can offer a lot more than simply hitting leather.

Read any article, ask any trainer and you will be sold the same physical benefits of boxing: enhanced cardiovascular health, improved total body strength, hand and eye coordination and the number one favourite, fat burning. But all-too-often overlooked are the deeper and more meaningful spiritual benefits.

“The physical benefits are simply a result of the whole body experience creating a sense of purpose and of belonging to a group of like-minded beings.”

The spiritual side

Boxing is a very personal sport that allows you to go on your own journey, one that can not only teach you about the commitment and dedication required for the sport but also offer deep insights into your psyche, and the limits and barriers you are able to transcend and overcome. Each journey is unique to the individual; the greatest part of this age-old art are the spiritual health benefits that cannot be bought or sold. Embarking on your boxing path will nourish your physical and spiritual self, continually pushing you past your physical and mental limits, allowing you to delve deeper to stretch your determination and motivation.

One for all

Boxing has been around since the beginning of time and will continue to exist long after we have gone. It bears no discrimination across gender, ethnicity or age and provides so many positive ‘whole-being' benefits that we’re sure you will fall victim to, and your body will love you for it.