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KITX is making one-off skirts from recycled and salvaged denim

KITX future from waste

KITX's latest fashion project is a rather unique one - certainly something that's piqued our interest.

It's called Regenerated Denim: a series using recycled denim to created a skirt called Future From Waste.

Kit and her team have spent months salvaging denim. The team quite literally searched through The Salvation Army stores, hunting down and curating a variety of washes and cuts. All the pieces they found were washed and unpicked and then repurposed and redesigned into exclusive, one-off designs from KITX.

The result is that each Regenerated Denim piece from KITX is individual. The Future From Waste skirts are totally unique collectable, and also one step forward to a future of turning local unloved into future loved.

We know that the impact the fashion industry has on our planet is a problem. More than half a billion kilograms of unwanted clothing ends up in Australian landfill every single year. It's a sad reality given that 95% of these pieces can be recycled.


KITX Regenerated Denim

In fact, denim is one of the most over produced fabrics in the world. It's crazy to find our that there are over two billion pairs of jeans produced world-wide each year. It's a particular problem when you consider the impact denim has. It's made from cotton which is one of the thirstiest crops on our planet - this means that one pair of jeans requires a staggering 3781 litres of water to produce. Yikes. It's a terrifying figure when you consider that our planet is running out of drinkable water.

But then there are the other impacts to consider. The cotton that is grown to produce denim is usually treated with pesticides which pollute the soil, water systems and farmers. Then there's the harmful chemicals are also used in denim’s extensive dyeing process, to achieve the aesthetic of distressed denim. In addition, techniques such as sand blasting are often utilised - this can cause harm to the workers producing the fabric.

Seeing fashion brands turning to existing fabrics and recycling them is always welcome. The Future From Waste skirt is available on the KITX website for you to take a look. We're very excited to see what's next in the Regenerated Denim range.

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