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KITX’s AAFW 2021 show wants you to help conserve our oceans

Kit Willow has always been a champion for sustainability. A pioneer beyond optics.

It's not comfortable to think or talk about how much damage we've done to our planet. How sea levels are rising, swallowing islands and livelihoods. How we lose 200-2000 species of animal each year to extinction. How the coronavirus, which has killed millions of people, was a product of deforestation. Bushfires, floods and more.

None of these issues are easy for us to have on our minds, but Kit Willow wants all of this to be front and centre. Because if it's not, our future on this Earth is uncertain.This is the principle that drives her brand KITX. It is one of the few brands out there that is truly pushing towards sustainability through sustainability and through education. So when we found out that the KITX AAFW 2021 show was going to be split between industry and consumers, it was hardly surprising.

Consistently using her platform for the betterment of all of us, the KITX show last night began with a moment of shared education. She told us the story of the White Seahorse, an endangered species crucial to the biodiversity and ecosystems in the ocean. The loss of this species would have a ripple effect across the entire ocean, but through science and innovation, we are working to replenish the population of the "Sydney" seahorse - as its affectionately named. An allegory to show how continued development, care and science can help us rebuild our future.


Then of course came the clothes. Called Underworld, this Resort 21-22 collection was inspired by the ocean. Models walked down the runway in jewel-toned flowing fabrics with wetlook hair courtesy of GHD.


We saw the form flattering dresses that are so quintessentially KITX but reimagined in a form that had inspired us to book a trip somewhere sunny. The collection as a whole seeks to evoke imagery of marine life - stingrays, sharks and starfish - and the cuts and draping gives a sense of movement. Mimics the gently flow of water lapping at the shore.




Of course, it wouldn't be a KITX project without another twist. Turning the idea of See Now, Buy Now on its head, Underworld is a See Now, Order Now collection. The idea is that you can preorder your pieces now and KITX will only make what is purchased in order to minimise any waste or over-production.



We're invited to preorder pieces by June 13 in order to secure your desired look. Head to for more.

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