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Kiehl’s hosted a block party and here’s what went down


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Kiehl's might not be the new kid on the block, central to the skincare brand's history is that it originated as an old-world pharmacy in New York's East Village in 1851. But the skincare label is more beloved and innovative than ever; a true household name. Plus, with all that experience they sure know how to throw a party. Which is exactly what Kiehl's did to celebrate the launch of its brand new Ultra Facial Barrier Balm Stick on March 6 – a product with all the barrier-protecting benefits of Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream but in a stick formula.

To do so, Kiehl's paid homage to its New York City roots with a block party to end them all. DJ Yemi Sul commanded the decks, and at one point, Jerome Farah stole guests attention for a had-to-be-there performance. There was even a subway ride – although this one was absent of dogs in handbags and celebrity sightings.

As any host worth their salt will know it's always important to check in with your guests. And Kiehl's did so in a way only it could: by inviting them to experience a Derma-Reader session.


Available on the night and in select Kiehl's boutiques, the Derma-Reader technology measures skin concerns, providing analysis that can be used to inform the best approach to your skincare routine. Not only did guests leave the festivities in an Empire State of Mind, but loaded with a better understanding of their own complexion, its needs, and Kiehl's party favours. (Think: the workhorse Kiehl's Ultra Face Cream, with its fragrance-free, squalene-focused formula and yes, the weightless Ultra Facial Barrier Balm Stick.)

Experience the Kiehl's block party for yourself below, with a gallery of images taken on the night. Otherwise, explore the new Ultra Facial Barrier Balm Stick at the Kiehl's website.

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