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Journey to the Wild Side with Phoebe Tonkin

Taking the long way round. Phoebe Tonkin and Rhys Ifans star in the Sophie Edelstein-directed short film for SmythsonJourney to the Wild Side. Set in London, this director's cut edit follows Tonkin through the back roads of the city on her quest to find the Royal Palace.

"Travel is really all about dreams, you dream of getting somewhere, dream about what it's like and then you dream about it when you get home," says Edelstein of the film's fantastical concept. "So I wanted to achieve that, in some way. I think that's what that initial vision was about, and I wanted to keep that energy." Of the film's star she says, "Phoebe has that energy of ... anything is possible. Let's do this, let's just get in a car and explore! She's so curious and game." And of the cult-cool Ifans? "[He's] almost from a time that's gone - he's rock n roll, mysterious, but dapper and unexpected. He's actually kind of a cult figure, I mean have you seen him in that Oasis video? ... Incidentally, he's just the nicest man, so sweet and gentle."