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Jo Malone’s Townhouse collection offers an uplifting scent for every room

Choosing a scent for your home can be an overwhelming task for you and your nose. Our favourite candles bring warmth to a room, without being overly sweet. They energise, yet still retain a sense of homeliness. We're looking for something that is both comforting and uplifting. It's for this reason we've turned to Jo Malone. Just recently the brand expanded their Townhouse collection, a six-candle strong soirée, to include three new home diffusers, all of which are refillable. A soothing fact for those looking to shop more sustainably and minimise their reliance on single-use products.

The Jo Malone Townhouse collection is imbued with all the sensory cues we love about London. Opt for 'Lilac Lavender & Lovage' and let is transport you to the open doors of a quaint London backyard, where lavender bushes have a calming and restorative effect. This scent is perfectly placed in the bedroom, a welcome addition as you drift off to sleep. Jo Malone's 'Wild Berry & Bramble' reed diffuser is optimal for all entryways. It's thorny and juicy scent has a disarming quality that will put any guests immediately at ease. While, 'Fresh Fig & Cassis' is a moody and romantic option, one that would be well-suited to communal areas.

If diffusers traditionally are not your thing because of their sometimes gaudy aesthetic, you need not worry. All Jo Malone Townhouse diffusers are hand-crafted from a chic and durable bisque-coloured porcelain. Thanks to this, they will only add to your space not detract from it. For those among us who lean more to candles, explore the Townhouse range on Jo Malone's website. And if you're looking for something extra, Jo Malone offer fragrances that you can store in your wardrobe or hang over the dashboard of your card. Black ice, be gone!

Shop the Townhouse collection here.

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