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Dreaming of Marrakesh? Jets latest collection Sojourn will transport you there

A perfect world would, in my mind, naturally contain the perfect swimsuit. And while the world as it stands is a long way from being there, it brings me great comfort that the swimsuit has arrived. Jets latest collection Sojourn ticks all the boxes on a wish-list long unfulfilled. Quality craftsmanship, a sustainability focus, timeless styles and a flattering fit is what did it. And with over 20 years experience in the swimwear game, this comes as a surprise to no one.

While the collection was shot at The Range in Byron Bay, if Sojourn had a backdrop it would be Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh. Creative Director, Rachel Allen, took cues from the Bedouin nomadic tribes and Berber tribes of Northern Africa for prints and textures. Local cuisine prompted the earthy colour palette, spices like saffron and Ras El Hanout responsible for the rust tones throughout.

Allen did say she wanted to "offer...a slice of luxury, feelings of optimism and a space to dream," and she serves that slice on a terracotta platter. The 'Bedouin' striped maillot circles practicality just enough to affirm our day-to-night visions of sunbathing, swimming and exploring the medina on foot. While an auburn and umber palette send us daydreaming about far off deserts. Swimwear is styled with fluffy eyebrows, mini gold hoops, leather lace-up sandals and a straw sun hat.

At the forefront of all their collections is a dedication to quality craftsmanship and sustainable processes. All the materials present in Sojourn are sourced from high quality European fashion mills. Fabrics are crafted from 100% regenerated nylon yarn, where discarded materials like fishing nets are repurposed so as to avoid already abundant landfill. And what's more, all textiles are digitally printed. By doing this Jets circumvent dyeing processes that involve lots of chemicals, lots of energy and more water than you can imagine.

You can shop Sojourn on the Jets website now.

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