Australia-born and New York-based artist Jeremyville believes “art is everything. It is all part of the experience of who you are as a person.” His is a practise that operates on multiple levels and across a plethora of disciplines, which has seen him exhibited around the world and collaborate with an array of brands including Converse, Urban Outfitters, Uniqlo and most recently, skincare brand Kiehl’s.

It was Jeremyville’s early education in architecture and working as the editor of his campus paper – where he would fill in the empty spaces surrounding articles with doodles of characters or scenes – that spurred him to turn his creativity into a career. From there, a desire to keep evolving, to take his drawings to new and undiscovered places, has been a driving force. “I am always exploring extra things with each project,” he explains. “I mean, I believe each project ought to help you expand all of your skills.”

In the case of his collaboration with Kiehl’s, Jeremyville explains, “It was just having the sense of freedom to create. Being a part of the brand and its history wasn’t too hard, because we also understood the legacy of collaborations that they have had with other artists previously.”

A personal connection – and an ability connect with audiences on a human level – are just as pivotal to his practice. “I think the art I do is who I am,” he explains. “And I am of the art.”

“Art isn’t an abstract thing. I think almost all of it is from your own instinct and intuition.”