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Jedda-Daisy Culley presents Burns at the Land’s Brim

There are conventional artistic depictions of landscape, and then there are the ethereal works of Jedda-Daisy Culley, whose latest exhibition, Burns at the Land’s Brim, harness the sparse and impenetrable landscape of the central Northern Territory. The result? A set of non-linear representations of the enigmatic desert, from an undoubtedly enchanted eye, rendered in vivid blues and earthy reds.

"I woke in my swag [in the Central Australian desert] to see the sun rise and the moon set," says Culley of her inspiration behind the works. "One side of my world was lilac blue and moon beams, and the other the fire of reds and pinks.” Curious? Experience Culley’s latest exhibit for yourself from Saturday March 24 at Special Group Studios, Surry Hills - presented by Mild Manners gallery.