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Elliot Page comes aboard as executive producer in new Transgender documentary ‘Nel Mio Nome’ 

into my name

We've seen how Elliot Page has bravely navigated the waters of transitioning under the watch of the public eye. Now it seems the author, actor and activist has taken interest in a new project that will explore these themes more closely, with the actor boarding the 2022 Berlin Film Festival title Into my Name as an executive producer. This marks the first project for the festival. The film will be directed by Italian filmmaker Nicolò Bassetti and is set to premiere in Berlin's panorama program.



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The feature documentary tells the story of four friends, each coming to terms with their transition at different points. The film will explore the pivotal moments that lead to the decision and the impacts this has on their lives. The project in question is deeply tied to the personal experience of director Basssetti's own life with his son Matteo. As the story follows, the four protagonists Nico, Leo, Andrea and Raff are all living in Bologna, Italy. All closely linked, they make the decision to journey from a female to male identity at seperate times.

The appeal for Page came from Bassetti's approach to filmmaking on the subject. The actor stating, "What stands out to me most about Nel Mio Nome is the way it so artfully and intentionally presents all the different pieces that make up a person’s identity." An area that the actor deems a significant part of the experience and one that is so often ignored in cinema. This will be the first project between the two and is looking to build up considerable momentum in the film festival circuit.

Not much is known about the exact release of the film, but we certainly see this as being an important contender for the next award season. Stay tuned for more details to come.

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