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In your head

It's the season for headaches. Whether stress, sickness or sleep deprivation is causing you pain – knowing the source is the first step to finding a solution.

Throughout the cooler months it’s easy to forget to drink your daily requirements of water simply because you do not have the same level of thirst as during the summer. However, when we dehydrate our bodies, our blood volume levels drop which reduces the necessary oxygen and blood flow to the brain. The solution is to increase your H2O intake. Ready to pour some water into your glass?

With more exposure to environmental pathogens throughout winter, our chances of getting sick increase and often we end up with a delightful head cold. Headaches occur because the pain sensitivity of nerves in the head increases. Snuggle down with a hot water bottle and a cup of herbal tea and rest up.

This impacts all of us differently. However, those who experience tension headaches, the most common form of headaches, should look to their lifestyle and reassess the stress within it. It’s easy to make a few tweaks to resolve the issue. Meditation or simple breathing exercises are a great step in the right direction.

Most commonly withdrawal headaches come from reducing and removing caffeine from the diet. While this is important for many of us coffee addicts, it can be tricky and ultimately painful. Instead of going cold turkey and feeling the ache penetrating your head, aim to halve your coffee or tea intake week by week, and make the swap for herbal teas, broth, smoothies and juices to nourish.

Sleep deprivation
Our brain utilises so much energy throughout the day, it is vital we obtain adequate amounts of rest in order to effectively restore. It is suggested we need a minimum of seven to nine hours of sleep per night in order for our brain and bodies to replenish. If you’ve been getting less than that, this might explain the headaches you haven’t been able to pinpoint in your foggy sleep-deprived state.

Some research suggests that genetics play a role for those who experience migraines and cluster headaches. Most individuals who frequently have these type of headaches find the only solution is to take a big step away from life for a few days.

"Instead of going cold turkey, aim to halve your coffee
or tea intake week by week."