How to build a relationship: in conversation with Flume

Then and now, Flume has our sleepless nights covered. In celebration of his Grammy win for latest album Skin, we take it back to our interview with the Australian electro maestro in the early moments of his career – talking horror films, caffeine addiction and the story behind his moniker.

Tell us something strange about you?
I'm a bit of a toothpick fiend. In fact I have one in my hand right now. I have toothpicks all the time. I've just got in this habit of always having toothpicks in my pocket or when I'm out. After a day of mixing I'm in my track pants ... and a toothpick in my mouth.

What are you obsessed with right now?
I've always been obsessed with - I know it sounds pretty standard - but coffee. It's a massive obsession. I'm worried it's becoming an addiction. Every time I make a track or anything it has to be driven with coffee. It just gives me this massive boost of creativity.

A scene from a movie you just can't shake?
I like that one from The Silence of the Lambs when he bites his ear off. Now that we're on the subject it would be funny to do the soundtrack with a Benny Hill theme going on. Turn it into a comedy.

Who would you cite as your original influences?
Well there is my main man - Flying Lotus but I've always loved trance music. Don't tell anyone. It's what got me into it in the first place. My first musical love.

What's the story behind the name?
It originally came from the Bon Iver track Flume. I was really digging the tune and the word sounded so nice. I wrote it down a few times and I thought that's a nice looking word. I want to be Flume.

What is your life motto?
Didn't prepare that one.

“I wrote it down a few times and I thought that's a nice looking word. I want to be Flume.”

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