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I put a spell on you: Mclean Stephenson directs Serpent & the Swan’s new campaign

And behind my eyes, my daily disguise, everything is turning to white.

See model, musician and writer, Alys Hale, at her most vulnerable for Sydney-based jewellery brand, Serpent & The Swan. Captured by photographer and director Mclean Stephenson this is one minute and 17 seconds of pure emotion, dressed up in the most enchanting of jewels.

The film opens with a white clawfoot bath inside a bare white studio, heavy silence hangs in the air. A single milky tear escapes Hale's eye and meets the Serpent Necklace, draped around her neck. Her fingers, clenching the bath’s perimeters, are decorated with rings heavy with symbolism. A Bleeding Heart on the ring finger, Starry Nights on the middle and the Signet Pinky ring too. Sinking into the water, white flowers rest on her body, an Ophelia of our time.

Making it out of the water is like walking on broken glass. She barely manages to crawl on the hard concrete floor, yet her movement is rhythmically poetic. Drenched in oversaturated light, she doesn’t make a sound but the percussion-heavy soundtrack beats as quickly as her heart. Beautifully human, ethereally bewitching.