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Someone call the 90s, hot rollers are back and they’re delivering us our best blowout yet

hot rollers

If there is one thing we know by now it's that trends truly are cyclical. If the TikTok algorithm has taught us anything over the last few years, it's that these trends blow up and blow up big, but not without the help of a hack or two. Where would we be without the assistance of our fellow TikTok beauty comrades and their genius? Well, like all hacks, finding the right tools of the trade is essential in maintaining the perfect replica of the real thing.

In the latest iteration of trends on TikTok comes a big one from the 90's, the voluminous blow out. As we recall, 2021 was a big year for the return of bouncy 90's blowouts, with models sashaying down the catwalk with some version of the style. As we became inundated with more and more soft manes on our social media feeds, it was only natural to try and find the right approach to recreating it for ourselves. Hot tools came in hard and fast with the market overrun with a variety of alluring options, as masterful as these tools are, TikTok has done one better and reverted to the OG; hot rollers.

We know, the idea feels very retro, and almost too easy, but as we've seen demonstrated it yields the best results. So, with that said we've done the hard part for you and found the best tips to get your Cindy Crawford-esque bounce.

How do I use hot rollers?

For optimum results begin by spritzing the roots with some volumising spray, then with clean, blow-dried hair, section out the hair, sprits again with a holding product and roll from the ends to the base starting with the top layers of your locks. Once you've let the hair set, gently roll out, shake loose and set with more spray.

How long should I keep hot rollers in for?

It really depends, for the best results a few hours to really allow them to set, you can allow them to set overnight pending the rollers are sleep safe and won't irritate the scalp.

With that said, we've found the best modern options out there for your bounciest blow out yet.


BabylissPRO Cascade Velvet Hot Rollers Hairsetter


The simplest 90's waves. The Cascade Heated Roller Set includes 20 ceramic rollers in 3 different sizes to create quick, flawless curls, shape and volume for different hair types and lengths.The rollers are flocked to gently grip the hair for easy rolling and infused with ceramic to deliver soft cascading results.

Silver Bullet MasterCurl 30pc Ionic Hot Roller Set


The Silver Bullet MasterCurl is the perfect for your last minute bouncy waves. The MasterCurl 30 stands upright, so it's easy to store. Small, medium, large and jumbo rollers heat quickly to create sexy, longer lasting curl. The integrated ionic system aids removes static and locks down the hair cuticle, creating hair which is ultra-shiny and easy to style.

BabylissPRO Professional Jumbo Roller Hairsetter

This baby creates smooth blown out waves lightening fast. Featuring 12 jumbo-sized hot rollers with a ceramic-titanium surface, they heat quickly and evenly for perfect curls and waves.

Cloud Nine The O Pod Heated Roller Set

A little on the more expensive side, but these rollers are truly worth it. Featuring 12 jumbo-sized hot rollers with a ceramic-titanium surface, they heat up lightening fast and evenly for perfect curls and waves.

Remington ProShine Hot Rollers

The closest things to the retro rollers our mothers once owned, these are the classics, giving that natural and effortless bounce. Exclusive wax core technology retains the heat to set curls faster and create curls that last

Silver Bullet MasterCurl 10pc Travel Hot Roller Set

Your perfect little travel companion the medium and large rollers heat quickly to create a better, longer lasting curl. Super-quick heating; saving you suitcase space. The best option when you're on the go!

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