Our homeware essential picks to make WFH easy

For most working from home is a new phenomenon and the RUSSH team is no exception. With the Australian Taxation Office recently announcing that work-related household expenses can now be claimed on tax we round up our favourite homeware essentials to make working from home that little bit easier.

Gabriela Hidalgo

Senior Designer

Unfortunately, I am one of those people who cannot maintain focus if my bed is not made or my space is filled with clutter. And so, organization and storage is absolutely key to working (productively) from home. Everything from woven baskets, pouches and under-the-bed storage boxes to ensure my space is clear and set for the workday. I also find it imperative to have fresh air and natural light circulating the work space, and so I’m keeping an eye out (online) for sheer curtains to allow the light to flood through without the mosquitos following suit. Add some flowers, essential oil diffuser, a wall clock (to actually see the time) and there it is – home office.

Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

I’ve been looking at purchasing a new sofa ever since I bought my old one a year ago. Last Wednesday I found this sofa on Curated Spaces, an instagram account which sells beautifully curated vintage homewares (think: wassily chairs, featherston modulars and travertine tables galore) which I follow so closely I have post notifications on. I bought it on Wednesday night, it arrived Friday morning, I haven’t stopped staring at it since. When my 80-year-old back starts to screech from sitting at the dining room table for too long, this baby is a big, beautiful, welcome reprieve.

Ellen Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

Aside from having a large desk, big screen monitor, plush office chair and high speed internet working from home will always be not quite right. So I am focusing on improving the little things. Maison Balzac’s Carafe in teal, Country Road frames to finally hang my newest print by friend Tim to make staring at the wall more enjoyable, a Ron Rezek lamp because mood lighting is always better than overhead and finally a portable speaker to fill the space (and my mind) with sound and allow for focused work flow.

Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

I move around like crazy when working from home. I have terrible posture, my back hurts, my neck is sore and I find distractions in the absolute mundane. I find solace however in a somewhat curated space, or looking at pieces that bring me joy and feed me calm. These include but are not limited to this Twister Table Lamp by Sophie Davies Interiors, Worn Store chairs, a Curated Spaces vintage travertine table and a Subtle Bodies brass incense holder for the warmth of scent.

Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director

Being in digital, working from home is part of my DNA. So, I already had an office desk, a mouse, a chair and a very necessary desk plant. But my set-up was not designed to be a full time one - and the ergonomics are starting to take their toll a little. My neck is really sore from crouching. I’ve just upgraded my chair to a proper office one with lumbar support. And I’m now looking for a nice, big monitor so I can work with two screens again - and not be hunched over a laptop all day. It’s not the most exciting purchase but it’s the one that’s going to make the biggest difference to how I feel. I love this one from LG.

Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

Throughout my entire time at uni I was heavily against the idea of a desk, mostly because if I was home I wanted to be studying in the living room (where all the action was) or in bed where I was most comfortable. Now in isolation and working from home I’ve realised I should probably grow up and bite the bullet. Living in a share house means I have minimal space and therefore I’ve been looking at these space saving desks from IKEA. The perfect amount of desk space for my laptop (or a desktop computer if I eventually really commit to the confines of my bedroom), my daily to-do list and a stack of RUSSH magazines for when I need some extra inspiration.