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Hermès x Osang Gwon

Pictures of you. Art meets fashion, animal meets human and photography meets sculpture in the windows of HermèsSydney store. Here you’ll find the frozen figure of Korean model S.J. Park, a tiger slung over his shoulders in one window, a falcon on his arm in another, various other wildlife and recreations of Hermès’ wares – including the Bolide 45 Shark bag, reimagined with a menacing grin. The man behind it all is South Korean Artist Osang Gwon: commissioned by Hermès in celebration of the house’s 2016 theme, Nature at Full Gallop.

Collectively titled The Art of The Image_New Sculpture, the lifelike creations began with finely detailed, 360 degree photographs of his Gwon’s subjects, divided into facets and applied to a sculpted Styrofoam core. They can be seen at Hermès Sydney, 135 Elizabeth Street, until November 25.