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RUSSH Radio: Breaking up is hard to do

I go to bakeries all day long
There's a lack of sweetness in my life
And there's pain inside
You can see it in my eyes …
- Hospital, The Modern Lovers

If music be the food of love, then it certainly is the fuel of heartbreak, and we should play on. Let your own heartache be accompanied by the melancholy sounds of fellow sufferers - from Lee Hazlewood to Jack Ladder to The Drones, we give you some of the perfect songs to break down to.

They say that boys don’t cry, nor big girls at that, but The Cure and The Four Seasons would happily lend you their shoulders for when internal loss is made manifest and physical via wet cheeks. Skeeter Davis channels the apocalyptic doom of being left and allows us to feel like the world is ending with the initial bolt of heartbreak from the blue. If you can’t hurry love, then you can’t hurry heartbreak either, and Daniel Johnston reminds us that some things really do last a long time - whether that be the photographs of those who have moved on or the things that are always there to remind us (thank you Dionne Warwick). We can be lying in bed with Tinder Sticks wondering how long it will take and letting our tiny tears fill up an ocean. Or sometimes we just don’t want to get over them, like the Magnetic Fields, or because like Cave we need them, "and nothing really matters when the one you love is gone".

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