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Heart People at Freda’s

“You can’t talk about what’s inside of your heart in so many ways … but if you can find a way to translate it into a way that makes people happy, and it also shares something from inside of yourself, that’s something special. I think that’s probably why Heart People is so important to me, and probably what gave me the courage to pursue it.”

Model and artist Rachel Rutt is one half of Sydney-based electronic act Heart People, formed with Canyons DJ Ryan Grieve in pursuit of multi-sensory self expression. And with a sound like no other, Rutt is just one of the pioneering women of the city’s electronic scene set to play at Freda’s tonight as part of female-focused festival For Film’s Sake.

Presented in collaboration with After Hours, the night will be enacted in three parts across two spaces, beginning a with a screening of Play Your Gender - a documentary exploring what it takes for a woman to make it in the music industry. From there, you can go downstairs to Down / Under space for Cache, a screening of digital media from local and international queer performance artists. Or stay upstairs to see Heart People perform alongside Vetiver, P Twiggs and Andy Garvey in celebration of women in electronic music.

Be there from 6pm on Thursday April 27 to choose your own adventure.