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Havaianas celebrate the beauty of the Northern Territory in new collaboration with House of Darwin

Havaianas Australia has announced an exciting new collaboration with the incredible community behind House of Darwin.

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There are few things more poetic than a quintessential Australian summer; overindulging in salt and sun, long days and hot, sweaty nights, sandy feet and ice-cold drinks, tank tops and board shorts – it’s enough to make you melt with anticipation.

The long awaited December-to-February is as innate to the modern Australian experience as any; the iconic sights, smells and sounds boring into our psyche, and backdropping some of our fondest memories.

One undeniable icon of Australian summer is a pair of Havaianas. Since the 1960s, the brand has been bringing Brazilian spirit all around the world by way of their distinguished rubber-soled thongs in vibrant colour ways. A pair almost always lingers somewhere in our peripherals during those warmer months, usually found kicked off by the front door, stashed in the boot of the car, or stuffed into the bottom of a beach bag – along with towel and book. 

This year, Havaianas Australia has announced an exciting new collaboration that transcends fashion to celebrate the incredible community behind House of Darwin.

For those unfamiliar, House of Darwin is an Indigenous-owned social enterprise that partners with grass-roots organisations to reinvest profits into social programs in remote Indigenous communities.

The coming together of both Havaianas and House of Darwin has culminated in the release of a special new design for the brand, which updates their classic black thongs to celebrate the diverse flora and fauna of the Northern Territory – including a rubber crocodile pin to embellish the top strap.

"I grew up loving Havaianas and we’re so excited in the Northern Territory to collaborate with a brand that has had such a big impact on the lifestyle in remote parts of Australia," said Shaun Edwards, founder of House of Darwin.

For Havaianas, it was about connecting with a brand in a unique and authentic way that reaffirmed their core brand values. As part of the creative process, Edwards guided the Havaianas team into the heart of the Northern Territory, a journey that unveiled breathtaking landscapes through the lens of a local's perspective.

The collaboration is now available to purchase in stores and online via Havaiana's Australian website.


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