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Hannah Nowlan presents Lacuna

Breathing space. Those moments of slow, anticipatory inhalation, followed by seconds of still, and then finally the clarity and calm of the long exhale. Hannah Nowlan's paintings feel like this. Spaces in time when reality pauses for a moment, where humanity and nature collide, and the truth meets the dream. Stylistically inspired by a surf-centric upbringing on the Victorian coastline, Nowlan's latest exhibition, Lacuna, explores themes of grief, death and loss, as well as birth and escape through her abstract, colour field painting style. Informed by ideas of the after-life, the works were shaped by the lunar display of a super blue blood moon, each piece depicting the moon eclipsed in both shadow and light.

On Thursday April 26, Nowlan will launch Lacuna - her first solo Sydney exhibition - at Sydney's Saint Cloche gallery, through May 6.