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A bond that can’t be broken: Gucci’s ‘Link to Love’ collection reminds us of the eternal nature of love

Gucci Link to Love

The sentiment of gifting jewellery never loses its charm. There's something so deeply ceremonious, so monumental about a piece that is cherished with intention. Designed to last a lifetime, the right piece from 'the one' is worn so often it begins to feel like a second skin. Always with you, never apart. It's a moment without words, but can speak volumes through just a glimmer. A joy that never fades. It's this sense of knowing that underpins the latest jewellery collection from GucciLink to Love.

The new collection comprises of contemporary, gender-neutral pieces representing the infinite cycles of life, romance and togetherness. The sleek, geometric styles reminiscent of the 80s are designed with the intention of being stacked; creating a literal and figurative link to love with each addition.


Gucci Link to Love

GUCCI dress, bracelet and rings.


Love comes in many forms, and as does the Gucci Link to Love collection. Crafted in three colours of gold – yellow, white and pink – the collection consists of a range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and a variety of earrings. Speaking to the House's style codes, the Gucci logo finds its way throughout; bringing together the craftsmanship of these timeless pieces and brand recognition.

GUCCI bracelet and rings.


Link to Love isn't solely about aesthetics. Symbolically, the octagonal shape of the rings and rigid bracelets evokes the idea of the number eight as a symbol of infinity. These pieces are also available in three different finishes to suit every type of wearer – a plain finish, with studs, or finely engraved with modern-looking stripes. For those wanting to make the ultimate gesture of love, there is a selection of rings embellished with gemstones and diamonds for those truly special moments.

GUCCI dress, earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings.

GUCCI dress, shoes, earrings, necklace, bracelet and rings.


In the realm of necklaces and earrings, the collection offers a more delicate finish. The necklaces are presented with a chain and central bar pendant in 18kt yellow or pink gold, as well as in white gold with a diamond-set bar. A new addition, the Lariat necklace, comes in 18kt yellow and pink gold, or white gold with diamonds; and loops around the neck without a clasp, fastening through a sliding circle element. The chain is finished with a bar pendant. Similarly, the earrings in the Gucci Link to Love collection are a dangling pendant design and a thin chain.

Gucci Link to Love

GUCCI dress, earrings, bracelet and rings.

Gucci Link to Love

GUCCI dress, shoes, earrings, necklace bracelet and rings.


A timeless collection of jewellery that evokes the eternal nature of love, discover Gucci Link to Love here.


FASHION Hannah Cooper
MODELS Koujayn @ Kult Australia
HAIR AND MAKEUP Isabella Schimid @ Assembly Agency using The Ordinary and Deciem
Special thanks to China Heights

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Feature image:
Left: GUCCI dress, earrings and rings. Right: GUCCI bracelet and rings.