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Gucci and Dickies release a sparkly holiday collection

An unexpected match made in heaven, Dickies and Gucci Vault are celebrating the holiday season with a new capsule collection. The iconic workwear brand has been labouring away since 1922 and has decided to do something special for its 100th anniversary. The 9os saw Dickies cladding everyone from skaters to streetwalkers, to well, actual workers, solidifying the brand as a workwear mainstay. Up until now, we have yet to see these classic workwear staples be given a luxury treatment as sparkly as this.

No stranger to collaborations, Dickies has usually partnered with brands who are more of the streetwear persuasion. In the past, the utilitarian label has been reworked by brands like Opening Ceremony, Our Legacy, Workshop and famously Supreme. Gucci on the other hand has been involved in a few wild collaborations of their own this year; Gucci x Palace Skateboards and Gucci x Gremlins anyone?

The embellishment collection is meant to "create a profound dialogue on the essentialness of functionality and self-expression," according to a release by Gucci.

This Gucci Dickies collaboration with Gucci will imagine classic pieces like the Eisenhower jacket and Original 874® Work Pants. The collection features eight pieces, all on the bases of Dickies signature cotton-poly twill shell construction, with studs galore! The effect is a very rock and roll with a hint of glam.

Check out the Dickies x Gucci collection below.

Eisenhower Jacket

The Eisenhower Jacket sport an all-over stud array with zig-zag pattern in alternating sizes.

874 Work Pant

The 874 pants sport an all-over studding detail.

Eisenhower Cropped Jacket

The beige Eisenhower jacket is cropped for a feminine touch. Très chic.

874 Work Pant

The women's 874 Work Pant features striped studs.

874 Bermuda

Bermuda shorts with double-studded pinstripes.

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