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An ode to the office party – Gucci releases its 2020 ‘Gift Giving’ campaign

All I needed was the love you gave

All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you


The office Christmas party. A special night of the year when everyone collectively lets their hair down and signs off emails just for a few hours... For this special and very different holiday season that has come around too fast, Gucci unveils their 2020 Gift Giving campaign, set in a quintessential 90s workplace, turning the scene into an unlikely dance-worthy nightclub and bar. Cue the tinsel.



Turning the corporate world upside down, if only for a minute. The new Gucci Gift Giving campaign channels the ideal retro vibes of those 80s to early 90s office parties. Conceived by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, shot by photographer Mark Peckmezian and filmed by director Akinola Davies Jr, the campaign features a cast of eclectic characters impatiently waiting for the clock to end the working day.



From meeting rooms, lines of desks, photocopiers, metal filing cabinets and super old school computers, the usually bland and dreary office has been decorated with tacky but oh so wholesome tinsel, streamers and balloons for that festive feeling. Once the clock strives 5, the Gucci-clad workers shed their corporate veils and begin to pop bottles and show off their dance moves as extrovert club goers, liberated by their outfits.



A theatrical and exciting fantasy world, the Gucci Gift Giving campaign brings comfort and sparkle to the corporate world. From shiny sequins, cosy blankets and accessories galore including genderless mules, sneakers, slides, loafers, mini and chain bags, bucket hats and so much more.



The campaign also marks the launch of the new Gucci packaging that features an ornate green decorative pattern embossed onto paper bags and cardboard boxes. The same pattern is also used across beige tissue paper for wrapping. Also to note, the packaging has been created with strategic design choices which have a reduced impact on the environment. From fully recyclable paper, to 100% organic ribbons and recycled polystyrene hangers, each decision keeps within Gucci’s commitment to sustainability.

You can watch the full campaign film below.




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