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Groundswell challenges us all to “do it for the kids” this World Environment Day


We are nearing the halfway mark for what scientists have deemed the "critical decade" for climate action. Recognised internationally as World Environment Day, June 5 serves as a reminder of this truth and all the work that lie ahead of us to stall climate catastrophe. And while this sentiment can feel like an impossible burden, Groundswell is here to reiterate that action is the antidote to anxiety. More importantly, on World Environment Day, the climate action fund and resource has embarked on a mission to raise $500,000 for urgent climate efforts across Australia and the Pacific. To reach its goal, Groundswell is encouraging us to contribute, take strides and "do it for the kids".

As part of the initiative, Groundswell has dropped a complementary video starring a handful of children who share how they would take action around climate change if they were in charge. Set in the office of the "ministry of climate justice," the children are dressed in oversized corporate clothing, and make poignant commentary about the role adults play in their future.

Almost three years have passed since Arielle Gamble, Anna Rose and Clare Herschell teamed up to establish Groundswell. The organisation operates on the belief that the solutions to climate change already exist, but the problem lay in a lack of crucial funding to the people leading the charge. By raising funds, disseminating grants and supporting numerous strategic and targeted efforts, Groundswell is fostering a community of climate action, rather than just piling all of its resources onto one project. The philosophy being that many hands make light work.

So far, Groundswell has managed to disperse $1.84 million in grants to 50 different advocacy groups. On top of this, the network comprises of 700 members, all who get to vote quarterly on where the money is shared.

To make a donation, head to the Groundswell website and help the fund achieve its goal of raising $500,000.

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