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Good Thanks: our favourite spot for breakfast in NYC

To make it in New York, you have to be agile, alert and in touch with the needs of the city. Luckily, this is something that Aussie-run Good Thanks has in spades. Located on the Lower East Side, this popular joint has managed to bring all the very best Australian breakfast staples into one menu; teaching New Yorkers a thing or two about how to do the most important meal of the day. Avocado on toast makes an appearance (because how could it be an Aussie cafe without it?), alongside smoothie bowls, pastries, homestyle baked beans and our personal favourite, kimchi scrambled eggs.

It wouldn’t be breakfast without coffee, and owners Will and Tim painstakingly ensure our impossibly high antipodean caffeine standards are well catered for in the city that never sleeps. Often cited as the one thing we miss most about home when travelling abroad, our morning beverage prayers are answered in the form of the humble (and delicious) flat white or cappuccino. For those craving something a little stronger, there’s always the option to grab a drink from the tightly edited and tasty wine, beer and cocktail menu. An emphasis on natural wines shapes the vino offerings with drops from France, Italy and Czech Republic rounding out the selection, and the cocktail corner sees the classic Bloody Mary sit beside fresh OJ Mimosas and Spiced Hot Toddys (park yourself in at happy hour every day from 2pm and sample the whole list for $7 each).

‘Great coffee, natural wine and real food’ sums up the Good Thanks ethos, and you’d be forgiven for wanting to stop in for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With all the comforts of home and an all day menu, it might just be time to book a flight …