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Going incognito: wigging out with our favourite faces

We're thinking Uma Therman's blunt fringe à la Mia Wallace, and Natalie Portman's iconic bubblegum pink bob from Closer.

From Kaia Gerber on Moschino’s surreal runway to Bella Hadid's temporary pastel blue locks, our model muses let their alter egos take the spotlight with a beauty trend we can't wait to try ourselves. There's something freeing about making a drastic change that you know won't last forever, like trailing a dream cut before actually taking the leap.

A lover of the eighties? Set your sights sky high like Nina's golden blowout. A fan of colour but afraid of the bleach? Gilda's electric blue number should do the trick. It's a new you, for however long you want it to be. Lose yourself for a moment to the wig out.