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Go-sees: meet the new model faces to know

The new model faces. They're so much more. Meet them here before you see them everywhere.

Cindy Wang @ Chadwick Models

My name is … Cindy.
But my friends call me … Cindawg or Condy but mostly just Cindy.
My star sign is … Scorpio.
The first thing you should know about me is … That I say things that can be weird, I’m awkward.
I’m passionate about … Playing video games.
I’ve always wanted to … Win the lotto.
My secret talent is … Not winning the lotto.

"I was studying law but I’m taking a break to model because I’d like to travel ... I play video games in my spare time."

Maui Tatam @ Kult Models

My name is ... Maui Rererangi Tatam. The name originates from a demigod called Maui which is a well know name across the south Pacific through Hawaii, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga and Aotearoa New Zealand. My middle name, Rererangi, means ‘jump for the sky’.
But my friends call me … Maui.
My star sign is … Gemini.
It suits me because … I'm a free flowing spirit that loves living two different lives. Bartender by night and model by day.
The first thing you should know about me is … That I'm chill and easy going.
I’ve always wanted to ... Be known but not famous or rich. Even through it would be nice, I'm quite happy as am.
My secret talent is ... I'm blessed and I can do anything if I put my mind to it. My mother and nana always told me that the world is my oyster.

"I grew up in The Cook Islands. It provided us with fish, coconuts and a good surf. Life is good there."

Inez Glass Hawken @ Kult Australa

My name is … Inez.
But my friends call me … Nezzie.
The first thing you should know about me is … I absolutely love science. It started from reading Stephen Hawking’s books when I was young, leading me to do the sciences at school and completely falling in love with astrophysics.
My star sign is … Pisces.
It suits me because … I’ve always been a water baby ...
Only the people closest to me know is … I have a huge obsession with chilli.
[Outside of modelling] I’m working on ... My music!

"My dream for the future would be to own a house with a huge amount of land so I can rescue animals and let them live their best life."

Zosia @ Chic Model Management

My name is ...  Zosia.
But my friends call me ... Ziggy.
The first thing you should know about me is ... I am a very organised person.
My star sign is ... Aquarius.
It suits me because .... I am independent and easy going.
[Outside of modelling] I’m working on ... trying to reduce my carbon footprint.
I’m daydreaming about ... living in a beach house.

"My secret talent is drawing people by memory."

Crystal Russell @ Kult Australia

My name is … Crystal Russell.
My star sign is … Libra.
It suits me because … It associates with balance which is something I’m trying to create in my life.
Only the people closest to me know … how I really feel most of the time.
I’ve always wanted to … Write a novel and then make into a film.
Outside of modelling I’m working on … Dancing, writing and I plan to focus on music and film next year.
I’m day dreaming about … Creating projects through various art forms that can heal, create love and consciousness of our own minds and hearts.

 "I care most about love and trying to create that within myself so that I have it to share."

Tiama Tilbee @ IMG

My name is … Tiama Tilbee.
But my friends call me … T.
My star sign is …Gemini.
It suits me because …
I am adaptable in new situations and I am sociable when it comes to making new friends.
The first thing you should know about me is … That I love the outdoors and I am always up for an adventure.
Only the people closest to me know is … I love to sing whenever and wherever.
My secret talent is … Making really really good pancakes.
I’m passionate about … Helping the world become a better place.
I can never resist … Stopping to pat the cute dogs I see when walking down the street.

"I’ve always wanted to travel the world alone and make new friends along the way."