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Dreaming of summer? Let Georgina Burke, Seafolly’s new global ambassador and face of ‘Colour Your Summer’ campaign take you there

Seafolly, the iconic Australian swimwear brand, has unveiled its latest global ambassador and the face of the sensational 'Colour Your Summer' campaign – the radiant Georgina Burke. Hailing from the sun-drenched shores of Queensland, Burke embodies the spirit of Seafolly while effortlessly captivating audiences worldwide from her current home in the heart of New York City. As a model, brand founder, influential public figure, and an advocate for size diversity in the fashion industry, Burke exudes the type of energy we're all desperately chasing.

This season, Seafolly draws inspiration from the electric beach vibes resonating from Rio to Venice and Cabo to the Caribbean. The collection bursts forth with a riot of vibrant hues, unapologetically oozing femininity and confidence. Lush leafy tropical prints receive a vintage twist, adorned with timeless details that exude elegance. Sporty silhouettes are elevated with sleek styling and innovative textures, resulting in a harmonious fusion of fashion-forward and timeless elements.

With this in mind, it only made sense that Burke was the natural fit for the collection. Her connection to Seafolly runs deep, reminiscing about her childhood spent on the picturesque beaches of Queensland, clad in Seafolly's iconic designs for the campaign. "I grew up on the beach in Queensland wearing Seafolly. When I think of sun, surf, and sand, it’s the first brand that comes to mind." Lauding Seafolly's unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity and body positivity, the model shares that returning to Australia for the campaign shoot with such an iconic brand is a dream come true. Continuing, she shared, "I’m grateful for the opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet the whole team, including the head designer who has been with the brand from the beginning!"

Seafolly's 'Colour Your Summer' campaign encourages women to revel in their unique beauty, radiating positivity and vibrancy wherever they wander. With Burke as their radiant global ambassador, the campaign is a continuation of Seafolly's commitment to redefining the boundaries of swimwear fashion; inspiring women across the globe to embrace their individuality with unwavering confidence.

You can shop the new collection online now, on the Seafolly website.



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