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Georg Jensen collaborates with Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation to help fund critical ovarian cancer research

In partnership with Georg Jensen 


Every eight hours, one Australian woman dies of ovarian-cancer, a shocking statistic that hits home for many of us. In an effort to fight against the insidious disease, Georg Jensen has partnered with the Ovarian-Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF), launching the Georg Jensen OCRF Heart Pendant. Having raised more than $480,000 in the last seven years of the partnership, it is jewellery with a cause embedded into its being.

By purchasing the pendant, consumers are helping make a difference to the lives of many women, whether they realise this or not, as a portion of each pendant sold is donated to help fund much needed ovarian-cancer research. There is currently no accurate treatment method or early detection test for ovarian-cancer, meaning any and all research into the disease is incredibly valuable.

“The OCRF campaign was incredibly special to be a part of,” said face of the Georg Jensen campaign, Rachael Finch. “I am very passionate about women's health and it was an honour to be a part of something that raises much needed awareness and funds for ovarian-cancer. The statistics are frightening.”

We spoke to Finch about being part of the campaign, what consumers should take away from OCRF’s work and her personal heroes.

What does being a part of the campaign mean to you?

Being able to use our platform and presence to bring an important issue like this to the attention of others is incredibly empowering. We all have issues going on within our own family or know someone affected by disease. Trusting your instinct if something doesn't feel right or checking in on a loved one is so important. If I can help motivate one person to question how they feel, make healthy choices or get a second opinion if they know they haven’t got the clarity they need, then that’s my job done.

Who is your personal hero?

Every day women who are simply doing their best to create the best life for themselves. There are many obstacles we are faced with every day – some more than others. I am constantly inspired by the women around me, particularly those in our community, who continue to show up and be the best versions of themselves despite the constant stop signs or challenges.


What do you think more consumers need to understand about ovarian-cancer?

I was shocked to learn that currently there is no early detection test for ovarian-cancer – a Pap smear is not a detection test. More research is needed to change this! Also this year, around 1800 Australian women will be diagnosed with ovarian-cancer – that’s at a rate of five women diagnosed every day.

If there is one message you want consumers to take away from the Georg Jensen x OCRF campaign, what do you hope it to be?

Seize the moment. Don’t take anything for granted. Hug your kids. Call your Mum. Do whatever it is you know you’ll miss most if you didn’t have it.

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