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Food and memories: spend a day with Stephanie Stamatis

 "I'm in the business of visual storytelling." Forever searching for glimpses of Europe in Melbourne. We follow creative director and stylist Stephanie Stamatis on a sourcing trip to Mediterranean Wholesalers, with her essential R.M.Williams Saddle bag.

"My uniform of a life-like fried egg key ring, tan trench coat and scarf for the colder mornings."

"Pulling myself together with espresso. Today I wore red lipstick like a coat of amour and I think it worked."

"I'm in the business of visual storytelling, and I use food and culture memories I've made in other countries to weave those narratives. As much as possible we take espresso standing at the bar and pretend to fit in. Try melon gelato for the first time, and pistachio how it’s meant to taste. Admire the patina and colour palettes that would never make as much sense at home. All these moments become new vocabulary."

"Can we just have a moment with this red check tile."

"If only my grandmother could see me now, covered in gold."

"A box of things for me and things to be photographed."

"Forever in a controlled chaos. Persimmon's are in season at the moment, so they are making frequent appearances on my props table and in my kitchen."

"I drive everywhere when I'm home. So here is the very unglamorous car of a stylist. Smoke and mirrors, all in that pursuit of beauty."