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Follow Sasha Frolova on the Icelandic breeze for Marc Jacobs’ new campaign

Off the back of a show-stopping, kaleidoscopic runway presentation for his Spring 2020 collection, Marc Jacobs changes pace with a new film for the brand’s AW 19 runway collection. Directed by Briet Olina, with cinematography by Katla Sólnes, Me, My Home follows Sasha Frolova to the edge of the earth in a windy Iceland countryside, in full kitsch form..

Frolova battles glacial wind to read the newspaper, sip milk and take her Marc Jacobs-filled washing off the line. Intriguing and effortless, always, this time she opts for the Northern Lights over regular New York City lights.

If there’s anything Marc Jacobs knows for sure, it’s the coolest girls of the moment. Sasha Frolova brings a fresh attitude, and a knack for photography this time, adding series of self-portraits for the campaign of fashionable stills from her Icelandic escapades.

It’s always nice to see a collection imbued with new feelings and the artistry of other creatives. Me, My Home does just that … it makes us feel at home, while also giving us style (and even holiday) inspiration in the process.