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Fluidform eases us into the new year with the perfect evening stretch workout

Fluidform Rise and Restore challenge

The new year is an ideal time to start nourishing your body from the inside out, whether it be a conscious decision to engage in more considered movement or tailor your meals to your body’s needs. For workouts, the slow burn of Pilates can be beneficial in better understanding how to engage your core, build strength and improve your overall body tone. While the exercises steer clear of traditional cardio movement, you certainly still get your heart rate up and improve mobility, as offered in the Fluidform Rise and Restore challenge. Through a selection of considered at-home exercises, you’ll understand how to control your muscles and maximise the output of your sessions.

Launching this coming Monday, January 24, Fluidform Rise and Restore challenge is a 21-day movement and meal plan designed to reinvigorate your year ahead and ensure you start off 2022 strong.

Daily workouts target your entire body, building strength, creating tone and improving your balance and posture, as Pilates is renowned for promoting. To help you keep track of the daily time dedicated towards strengthening your body, those who sign up also receive a 21-day calendar to keep you inspired with different workouts to trial each day. If you’re a Pilates novice, never fear as there are workouts suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

To help get your body moving ahead of Monday, and to share a taste of what's to come, we're giving you an exclusive first look into the Fluidform Rise and Restore challenge with a quick and easy evening stretch workout. Follow Kirsten King along, below.

The challenge is available to all Fluidform Home members, encouraging all to be kinder to our bodies and move every day in the pursuit of feeling our best. Subscriptions start from $20 a month for 12-months and $35 a month for three-months.

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