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Float amongst the clouds at denHolm’s new capsule collection launch

Cloud gazing is an activity most of us have relegated to our childhood memories. Laying on the turf in our backyards, we’d watch the shapes meld and form during summer holidays that seemingly stretched on forever. Hearts, animals, friends – whatever illusion our mind’s eye could cling to – would dance across the sky. As we get older, we still know they’re there, playing above, but sometimes we forget to really look up and join the party. However, it seems Steven John Clark, the multidisciplinary artist creating under the pseudonym denHolm, couldn’t keep away - the Melbourne-based artist will be unveiling a capsule collection, A Collection of Clouds, at the collaborative concept space, At The Above, in Fitzroy from August 9 to 11.

The three day event will showcase ten bespoke side tables sculpted from chalky Australian limestone. The heavy duty material takes its intended form – jovial shapes and cloud table tops that transport us back to our childhood in all the best ways. Clark, a stonemason by trade, describes the capsule's theme succinctly, “They’re just clouds. We look up at them, and they look down at us. Clouds can be whatever we want them to be; we just have to see, and point, and tell.”

Clark’s collaborative partnership with At The Above aims to explore the relationship between art and the reciprocated transformation of the spaces in which they live. Each piece on display is bespoke and unique, but don’t fret if you can’t make it over the weekend - Clark is insisting this won’t be his last capsule collection, with plans to continue providing exclusive products, direct from artist to consumer without the restraints of a brief. An ideal situation, dreamed up from a head in the clouds.