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The natural beauty products our team know and love

Natural beauty products can be hit and miss. But since we're passionate about trying to source natural alternatives in our beauty routines where we can, our team has managed to find some truly great picks.

Through trial and error and lots of word of mouth recommendations, each of us have a selection of cherished natural beauty products in our routines. Ones that do exactly what they promise but are still kind to our bodies and the environment - after all, it's Earth Month.

Below, see what we're currently using.


Mia Steiber

Digital content director 

I have a few natural beauty products on high rotation right now. I’m using the Pai Rosehip Cleansing Oil every evening. It works exceptionally well to dissolve the hefty SPF I use. I adore the Ere Perez argan brow hero for easy bold brows. I am also loving this natural mouthwash from Lovebyt. Don’t be fooled into thinking this doesn’t pack a minty, bitey punch. It’s still a mouthwash, just with no nasties.


Elyssa Kostopoulos

Content producer

There are two natural beauty products in my skincare line-up that I’m particularly loving at the moment. One, has become a staple in my routine and the other is a new favourite that our digital content director and skincare maven, Mia, introduced me too. I have been a fan of Grown Alchemist’s Deep Cleansing Facial Masque for a little over a year now. Used once a week, the cleansing clay mask works wonders in detoxifying my skin and improving firmness. Now part of my daily routine, I have been loving the Youth To The People Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum. This plant-based serum immediately brightens and hydrates my skin – giving me the refreshed, healthy glow I’ve always desired. 


Jess Blanch 

Editor In Chief

There’s a new name in my bathroom cabinet: Biossance. 

I overheard the beauty team in our office talking about how the brand found a way to make plant-based squalane, which helps to stop the killing of sharks, who are hunted for their squalene-rich livers. That was enough for me and I am really enjoying the Squalane + Dark Spot serum and the 100% Squalane Oil, which is literally going all over. It's one of the best clear oils I’ve used due to being very low on fragrance and not a stain risk on the clothing and sheets. 


Ella Jane 

Content editor

The latest natural product to work its way into my routine is Bluem’s Finger Lime Repair Serum. Made entirely of minimal, natural ingredients, this serum is as simple as it gets, delivering hydration and antioxidants without fuss. For the body, I’ve been using the Costa Brazil Kaya Firming Body Oil. Filled with antioxidants, minerals, and hydration, things are feeling and smelling very nice in the limb department at the moment.


Angel Jhang

Market Editor

I have always been a huge advocate in natural skincare and I turn to none other than the amazing work of Nadine Artemis and Living Libations. 100% natural, 100% organic and with plant ingredients sourced from the highest quality soil and farms, right now I am using The Grapefruit Stellar Renewal Serum as my skin has broken out and started to scar and of course, my favourite - the best skincare of them all, none other than the beautiful gel inside of an aloe vera leaf freshly sliced open.


Lucienne Bambridge

Brand & Campaigns Coordinator

Say what you want about the shelf life of a Konjac sponge - this tool is my weapon of choice when it comes to battling break outs. Never has my skin felt so glowy as when I use my Konjac sponge. Biodegradable and made from plant roots, this small but mighty tool is good for the environment too. 


Gabriela Hidalgo 

Brand & Art Director

I can't go past Ere Perez. I adore the lash and brow mascara. I also recommend the beetroot cheek and lip tints to just about everyone.


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