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How to pronounce ‘Loewe’ with actor Jodie Comer

We’re all guilty of having a tearful meltdown every once in a while, but no one makes it look as theatrically evocative as actor Jodie Comer in Loewe’s new short film, Either Way.

Channeling an inner Villanelle (her Emmy-award winning character from the television series Killing Eve), Comer spends two minutes guiding us through the entire spectrum of human emotion under the direction of Steven Miesel, her dialogue consisting of only one (key) word: Loewe.

The film begins with whispering and the weeping of innocent tears, before building to a crescendo of agitated shouting and laughter, crying out "Loewe" all the while - at one point concealing her watery eyes with a glamorous pair of on-brand sunglasses.

If you were ever in doubt as to the pronunciation of the Spanish luxury brand's name, let this film be your guide. Loewe.