Enter the Elemis sanctuary

House of Elemis is a quiet sanctuary amongst the bustle of Bond Street, London. After being initially refreshed with the most wonderful rose-infused tea, I was introduced to my therapist Lillian who initiated me into the world of the Biotec range of facials. After scanning my face, she recommended the Firm-A-Lift Facial, which was reassuring as this was the facial I had leaned towards after reading the treatment list.

The unique hands-on Skin Lift Touch therapy combines a series of massage techniques, exclusive to Elemis facials, which softens and prepares the skin, enabling it to receive each technology more effectively.

After receiving the Microcurrent lifting technology, followed by a Hydra-Active Gel Soothing Mask which further enhanced the treatment’s unique ingredients, my skin felt firmer, more lifted and sculpted.

Finally, Lillian refreshed my daily skin routine (yes, toning and eye cream are essential night and day!), and I left with firm, shining skin, and a feeling of serenity.