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Eating the rainbow, NYC style

Living in New York City means living with a small kitchen, but the roof accesses are plenty, so in the presence of summer in this amazing city I have been creating a means of embracing the small kitchen. The meals I have been cooking up make me embrace my inner artist, referring to a big wooden board as my canvas and the different meals as the paint.

The ability to share from one board is a seriously new fun way of communal eating. I wanted to make sure they are super vibrant, a saturation of colour. The reason for this is simple - with more dense pigments (colour), there are more micronutrients of flavour - more colour equals more tastiness. On another note, more colour also means more nutrients. This can lead to better bodily function: improved focus, weight loss and overall health.

Here are just some of the different benefits that a variety of colours can provide …

“Not only are we eating a delicious offering in a seriously wicked vibe, but all the tastiness is phenomenally good for your health too.”

Red – tomatoes, pink grapefruit and watermelon

Rich in carotenoid lycopene, which destroys the gene modifying free radicals which can lead to prostate cancer and lung disease.

Orange – carrots and sweet potato

Contain beta-carotene that fights off the pathogens and free radicals that are located around our biggest organ. They also contain alpha-carotene, which is a strong cancer fighter itself.

Orange / yellow – oranges, nectarines and pineapple

Contains beta cryptothanxin that helps with sending messages between cells.

Purple – blueberries, beets and eggplant

Rich in antioxidants that can delay aging and prevent heart-related blood clots.

Green – broccoli, kale and brussels sprouts

Dense in cancer blocking chemicals, they prevent the actions of carcinogens.

Yellow / green – spinach, green peas and avocado

Prevent age-related muscular degeneration, and reduce the onset of cataracts.

Dan Churchill is a chef and personal trainer living in New York City.