Don’t miss a beat with Sisley’s daily defender

Lost without you. Sisley is the family-owned French luxury beauty brand that utilises the best ingredients to blend the most coveted formulations (think their iconic Black Rose Cream Mask and natural looking five-minute self-tanners). With the launch of its new day cream, Sisley's added a must-have essential to our beauty cabinets.

 From days spent chained to the work desk to summer vacations in the South of France, or hitting the slopes during the winter solstice, when Sisley says All Day All Year, they mean it. This anti-ageing day cream protects from two of the biggest outside aggressors for your skin: the sun, and that pesky pore-clogging pollution. The first is combated through micro-encapsulated filters blocking 90 per cent of ageing UVA and UVB rays from the sun, while anti-free radical agents (namely Vitamin E, Apple Skin and Rice) reinforce the skin’s protective barrier to shield it against pollutants in the air.

Apply to dry skin each morning after your serums (remember, skin care is applied lightest to heaviest products), as a strengthening foundation to smooth out fine lines and restore hydration. The result is more radiant and visibly healthier skin, a no-brainer in our books.

SISLEY PARIS All Day All Year Essential Anti-Aging Day cream