Something blue – Introducing our limited edition Dolly’s Dream x ‘RUSSH’ t-shirts by P. Johnson

Dolly's Dream Tee

Dolly's Dream wants to put an end to bullying.

When the Everett family lost their beloved daughter and sister to a vicious campaign of bullying, they wanted to prevent other families from the same grief. They founded Dolly's Dream, an organisation focused on dismantling the culture of bullying and addressing its mental health impacts.

Inspired by some of Dolly's final words, "speak even when your voice shakes" the organisation's powerful catch cry seeks to give victims the courage to speak out. Together, we can make a safer and more supportive community for today's young people.

May 10 is Do It For Dolly Day - a day to rally together to end bullying. On Do It For Dolly Day, supporters can donate, wear blue and spread kindness in memory of Dolly.

To honour Dolly Everett RUSSH has partnered with Dolly's Dream to create the ultimate white t-shirt for your wardrobe. The vision for this piece comes courtesy of design house P. Johnson.

“In fashion there is the concept of the ‘red thread’, which connects each piece to the heritage and story-telling of the brand. One of my favourite stories I tell my daughter is that of the ‘invisible string’, an enduring link to those we have lost,” says Jess Blanch, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of RUSSH.

"These ideas inspired this t-shirt as a remembrance of Dolly and in support of creating a kinder and safer world.” 

The t-shirt is lightly embellished with a small ‘blue thread’, a moment in honour of Dolly’s favourite colour. Each one is hand sewn and completely individual.


Dollys Dream P. Johnson Tee


It is produced by one of the first garment manufacturers in India to use 100% certified organic (GOTS) and fair trade cotton (Flo-Cert)," says Creative Director of P. Johnson, Patrick Johnson.

“The company also has BSI (British Standard Institution by Royal Charter) 'Social Accountability' accreditation, and beyond that, a total commitment to the rehabilitation of the disabled and betterment of the disadvantaged.” 

The RUSSH x Dolly's Dream tee is available in limited quantities on the RUSSH Store from May 10. Full proceeds of the t-shirt will go directly Dolly’s Dream to support the work they do in dismantling bullying culture from the inside out.


Be kind, always.



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For more information and free mental health resources, visit Dolly's Dream.


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