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Discover the latest crop of emerging creative talent at The Other Art Fair

There’s nothing like being at the forefront of a discovery. That sense of satisfaction and quiet excitement as you explore a new genre of music or stumble across an artist that’s doing things a little differently. For lovers of the saying ‘I knew them before they were famous’, Sydney's The Other Art Fair is a must-see event. Taking place from March 14-17 at Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, this is the eighth year of the alternative art convention – conceived by Ryan Stanier after he realised the vast inequality and disparity in the representation of emerging creative artists.

This year, 120 talented independent and up-and-coming artists have been chosen to exhibit at the fair by a committee of art world experts. Amongst these lucky few are Sydney creatives Jasmine Poole and Christopher Sewell (multidisciplinary artist / photographer and art director, respectively) who will be showcasing their ongoing photographic series There’s Still Life. Both extremely talented photo media artists in their own right, Poole and Sewel began collaborating in 2018 for their Instagram series Suburban Kingdoms and have continued their fruitful creative marriage steadily since then. The pair’s work focuses on the stillness and quirky melancholia of the suburban home, past and present - perfectly staged still life scenes of velvet curtains, 60s wallpaper and the iconic VB hitting everyone just a little bit close to home. The painterly aesthetic of each photograph is unique and pleasing, obscuring reality just enough to transport the viewer into the dream-like world they want us to exist in. Piecing together slivers of other lives and other times, and taking inspiration from vintage advertisments, the pair, through their art, explore the potential that photography has to manipulate emotions and perceptions.