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All of the designers to watch ahead of AFW

Australian Fashion Week is almost upon us, and at RUSSH, we are gearing up for a full-throttle week ahead. Returning in 2024 with Pandora as the headline sponsor, a considered crop of Australia's best will be showing, including newcomer's first shows and seasoned House name's annual returns to the schedule. Below, we're rounding up the designers to watch ahead of AFW.


Albus Lumen

Albus Lumen is bold simplicity. With a namesake in Latin for white light, it is not weighted down by trends, but grounded in the core elements, paying credence to detailed minimalism. Craftsmanship and quality are intrinsic parts of the brand ethos.


Karla Spetic

Following an ethereal display of muted pastels last year, we look forward to seeing what the eponymous label will be turning out for this year's showcase.  We're expecting more delicate drapery, diaphanous, slip garments and anything sherbet-hued.


All Is A Gentle Spring

As someone who has been lusting after their grey herringbone bustier for the longest time, I for one cannot wait to see it hit the runway. The label is a tribute to elevated basics with a gentle nod to costume history. Corsetry is a through-line that condenses and clarifies the brand's mission to take the best from the past.


Carla Zampatti

Carla Zampatti's femme-facing ethos is more than just commendable, it's incredibly chic. With a masterful hand over event-wear, we're looking to catch some of the signature crepe-wear silhouettes at AFW.


Romance Was Born

A name true to its clothing. We are looking forward to witnessing Romance Was Born once again do what it does best. The contemporary Australian fashion house with a unique storytelling vision helmed by Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales will undoubtedly be full of dreamlike glamour for their return.


Wackie Ju

Dark, vampy, delicious. We welcome Wackie Ju's sophomore fashion week offering with open arms. Jackie Wu is the Chinese Fashion Designer and Creative Director, who is behind Wackie Ju. In this form, Jackie Wu creatively communicates though various mediums such as clothing, performance installation, publication, and visual execution as its practise.


Anna Quan


Renowned for its pristine tailoring and crisp shirting, Anna Quan's shows are often understated and restrained, similarly to the brand itself. The pared-back nature of the brand has us looking forward to a chic and thoughtful show.



There is an innate need for Speed. Alvi Chung's brand is the height of sleekness and new-age daring. With a considered approach to tailoring and unisex outerwear, we cannot wait for the second rendition of their presentation at AFW.



A phy-gital fever has swept across us, and for the third year coming we are waiting with baited breath for Injury to sweep the stage. With a nod to East Asian silhouettes and hyper-modernism, the label is a perfect melding of the world of art and fashion performance.


Rory William Docherty 

Seasonless, slow fashion. Timeless craftsmanship meets exclusive original silk prints, Italian wool and cashmere, various deadstock fabrics, Japanese suiting and outerwear and more. New Zealand merino wool and British sensibilities. It's all here.

Em on Holiday

Looks like we're off on holiday. Phones will be on 'do not disturb' during Emma Mulholland's first premier showing at AFW this year. We're expecting to see the funky prints, summer-seasonal attire and splashy colours to hit the runway. It's the best time of the year, after all.

Viktoria & Woods 

Viktoria & Woods is about to host their first-ever on schedule show at Australian Fashion Week for their 20-year anniversary, and we are as excited as they are to witness their offerings of consciously produced textiles, linens and high quality fabrications.

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