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Courtney Love is selling her wardrobe on the internet

Courtney Love is selling her wardrobe on the internet

If there's one thing that Courtney Love has taught us, it's that you don't have to choose between being the rockstar and the rockstar's girlfriend. She's got all the talent, humour and charisma of a leading woman – and all the fashion-know-how and icon-worthy wardrobing to show us how to show up in style.

The Hole legend is opening up that stellar, maximalist wardrobe for the public over the coming weeks, and now is your chance to snap up some of her incredible, vintage and designer pieces.

It's become a bit of a trend – celebrities publicly clearing out their wardrobes, causing frenzies on the streets of New York like Chloe Sevigny, or at auction like TV icon Lee Lin Chin. So it's little wonder that other fashion legends are following suit and leaning into a spring clear-out.

In tandem with the London-based vintage designer boutique Wardrobe Happy Hour, Love is


What garments will be for sale?

Items from Love's wardrobe going up for sale in the coming weeks including a peachy tweed CHANEL skirt suit, a tiered and spotted Comme des Garçons dress, these epic platform blue FENDI boots and this silky pair of Rick Owens trousers. These are just some of the selection already available to peruse on the Wardrobe Happy Hour Instagram, but there will be more dropping over the next few weeks, too.


Where can I access the sale?

Items from the Courtney Love's wardrobe sale will be available via the Wardrobe Happy Hour Instagram page. To purchase an item, you'll simply need to DM the account once an item has been listed on their page.


When can I access the sale?

Wardrobe Happy Hour will be slowly rolling out the Courtney Love wardrobe sale on their Instagram page until the sale begins Saturday 30 March 30 at 1 pm (London time).


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