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Our ‘Courage’ issue playlist will help you find the strength you need

Courage playlist

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more." - Shakespeare, Henry V

One of the defining qualities of courage, it could be argued, is the ability to preserve. Courage has longevity. It is not one impulsive act but a fortified strength. It is our ability ‘to go once more’ like King Henry, or fail to back down like Tom Petty. Courage varies in the way it makes itself known. Yet, Courage's determined persistence translates into the language of every battle cry.

With our 'Courage' issue playlist we hope to offer some audible testaments to courage, to aid you in the seemingly never-ending challenges that life can conjure.

We all have different ways of summoning courage, Dutch or otherwise.  And have unique methods of summoning that inner strength. Whether it be guttural and instinctive, like a wolf howling at the moon, or something more considered and cerebral, this playlist hopes to strike a chord with your own cry. We have Patti Smith wanting ‘to go to York City and be somebody’. And Bikini Kill, who are double-daring us to have the courage to be who we are, as we are.

Having the courage to love is often celebrated with music.

La Havas sings about being romantically brave and Kathy Smith overcomes fear over time to confess her true affections. Overcoming fear and demanding the right to courageously celebrate all love and equal love is sung as ‘we stand up for our rights’ with the International Gay Society.

Courage is defiant to the point of absurdity in Lovich’s You Can’t Kill Me and celebrated in myth and magic through Aphrodite’s child. The courage found in music can travel from artist to audience and reminds us we don’t often have to face these situations alone. Whether we are feeling like superman or just a human, there is always someone to sing by our side. So hit us with your best shot.

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Image: Camerons Stephens photographed by Tim Ashton for the 'Courage' issue. See the shoot here.