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Comforting recipes to try for dinner this week


The world can be a traumatic and unfriendly place. And we think it's important to treat yourself with extra care and grace if you're feeling down.

Food can be an immense source of comfort during these times or it can be an afterthought that simply keeps the wheels turning. While we understand that in troubling times it can often be the latter, we encourage you to fuel yourself with foods that feel good to you to keep going, and in moments when you just don't know what that looks like, we've compiled five comforting recipes to try if figuring out what to eat for dinner falls last on the priority list.


Turmeric Egg Drop Soup


This brothy guy is comfort in a bowl with added benefits. Ginger and Turmeric are excellent anti-inflammatories for any spike in inflammation all of this stress may have caused, not to mention they aid in fortifying the immune system. This soup comes together in minutes and is perfect for a chilly weeknight when all that sounds appealing is a silky, salty broth with a bit of body. For meat-eaters, add bone broth for some extra immune-boosting oomph.


Smothered Chicken


You can tell even from the title that it's going to be good. Kia Damons southern smothered chicken feels like something somebodies grandmother made you that you've not been able to stop thinking about since. Carby, salty and instant comfort, this dish will sustain you without feeling boring.


Sweet Potatoes with Tahini Butter


When sad/anxious/depleted, turn to these steamed sweet potatoes which are 100% level-upped when smothered with rich tahini butter. Especially good for those who can never decide between sweet or savoury, this sweet potato dish is both in all it's glory.


Bucatini all’Amatriciana


Pasta, Pancetta, tomato and pecorino, a combination that will never fail a single soul at soothing (except maybe someone who is gluten-free and vegan). In this classic roman dish, canned roma tomatoes are cooked with fatty, salty cured pork and Chilli to achieve umami perfection. Perfect for a Friday night in with a glass of Vino to switch off.


Mushroom Parmesan Tart


Make your own pie crust on the weekends and eat this pie throughout the day, or cut corners, purchase some store-bought pie crust and make this within the hour. Delicious either way, Klancy Millers tart is topped full with cremini mushrooms, parmesan and cream bring this hearty situation to it's full-potential.


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