Get to know our newest model muse, Cindy Wang

In partnership with Moncler. 


She’s the model muse and student who’s ready to “hunt bad guys on the web” post graduating. A self-proclaimed lover of board games and a passion for true crime, Australian model Cindy Wang is the face we can’t forget. From owning her ‘awkward’ nature, to growing up with Jackie Chan and being ‘content’ in a strained world (the best you can be), we caught up with Wang on set in sunny Sydney with portraits lensed by Mason Stevenson. “…it’s my guilty pleasure, being able to, in a sense, almost create my alter ego.”


MONCLER 1952 jacket, jumpsuit and shoes.


My name is…

Cindy Wang.


Where are you from / currently residing?

I’m from Ryde.


What’s the first thing we should know about you?

I say awkward things but I’m typically pretty cheery.


MONCLER 1952 top and skirt.


Outside of modelling, what is your greatest passion?

I really enjoy non-fiction true crime. It’s fascinating seeing how criminal’s minds tick and work.


How do you stay creative and motivated during this time of global unrest?

Painting. It’s so intimidating but when I am able to just turn my brain off it feels so rewarding once I finish it. Also, I’ve been character building for Dungeons and Dragons, it’s my guilty pleasure, being able to, in a sense, almost create my alter ego.


MONCLER 1952 jacket, top, skirt and shoes.


What are you reading / watching / listening to?

I have been listening to Blackpink’s latest single How do you like that?

Also, I’ve been listening to the Dungeons and Dragons podcast with Critical Role. It’s a whole bunch of voice actors that come together and role play in a fantasy world.


What do you do when you need to move your body?

Go to the park and work out at least once a week.


MONCLER 1952 coat, jumper, shoes and headscarf.


How do you stay healthy (mentally and / or physically)?

For my mental health, I’ve been trying to just get out of bed. Since there’s little outside activities it’s been easy to indulge myself but getting into this habit definitely stops me from being complacent. I also try to keep myself busy with uni work, even though I can’t go into the uni at least I’ve got learning online to keep me mentally stimulated.


When do you feel your most empowered?

When I win playing board games with my friends or getting good grades after stressing out on assignments.


MONCLER 1952 jacket, top, skirt and shoes.


What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve not done anything I would consider brave but I want to bungee jump one day and I would count that.


Who is your greatest hero?

I don’t have a hero but I thought Jackie Chan was my hero growing up.


MONCLER 1952 jacket.


What is your current state of mind?



What are you hopes and dreams for the future?

Graduate my Bachelor of Security Studies and hunt bad guys on the dark web.


MONCLER 1952 cape, top, skirt and shoes.


What do you appreciate the most right now?

My mum.


I miss…

Being young and less conscious of the world.


MONCLER 1952 jacket, jumpsuit and shoes..


All clothing and shoes from 2 Moncler 1952 Women’s Collection, available from September 3 at Moncler Westfield Sydney Store. Designer Veronica Leoni intertwined the outerwear attitude of Moncler with a lusciously feminine instinct, devising a collection that merges the utilitarian with the languid to create something both empowering and elegant. 


PHOTOGRAPHY Mason Stevenson @ Artboxblack

FASHION Natalie Petrevski

MODEL Cindy Wang @ Chadwick Models

HAIR & MAKE-UP Teneille Sorgiovanni @ Lion Artist Management using M.A.C and Christopher Robin


Special thanks to Sun Studios.