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Christian Louboutin unveils its most intriguing collection yet, Loubi Mystery

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Every good pair of shoes has a story. Sometimes, this tale is passed onto us – already embedded in the history and magic that the shoes have witnessed. More commonly, however, we have the pleasure of embarking on these journeys together; creating our own memories and stories with each wear. For luxury French designer, Christian Louboutin, his creations have always been deeply connected to the message of storytelling; and the latest collection, Loubi Mystery, is his most mysterious yet.

A highly imaginative and whimsical exploration of colour, texture and embellishments across shoes and accessories, Loubi Mystery forms part of Christian Louboutin's Fall-Winter 2022 collection. Created in collaboration with Istanbul-born, Parisian artist and designer, Yaz Bukey – who has become renowned for her daring and unconventional aesthetic – the pieces are an invitation to the wearer to enter the world of the collection.

In this instance, the Loubi Mystery collection takes its inspiration from the classic and iconic mystery of detective boardgames. In every sense, the collection is opulence personified – each piece taking on a different and colourful character complete with their own histories and of course, motive. This is a classic case of 'whodunit', after all – and if there's a mystery to solve, then it's fitting that all the suspects are in the same room.

To bring the story to life, RUSSH transformed four of the industry's most recognisable faces – Mimi Elashiry, Sarah Ellen, Elodie Russell and Memu Conteh – into their own characters of deception and luxurious mystery. Styled by RUSSH's own Hannah Cooper and shot by Ellen Virgona, the formidable four found their footing in Loubi Mystery; bringing an unmatched energy to the historic Potts Point location where the images were shot that felt intrinsic to the collection.

Sarah wears CHRISTOPHER ESBER top and skirt; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Hot Chick Kiss shoes and Mini Vanity Velours bag. Mimi wears RODARTE dress from; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Lipqueen shoes. Elodie wears ALEXANDER VAULTIER dress from; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Yazeflirt shoes. Memu wears COMMON HOURS dress; ERES bra; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Superyaz shoes.


While it's hard to keep your eyes from darting from image to image, undoubtedly, the most remarkable shoe in the collection is worn by Elashiry. A unique interpretation of Christian Louboutin's iconic and instantly recognisable lipstick, the Lipqueen acts as the killer heel of this capsule. Elashiry's powerful, unstoppable charisma says it all, and the heels are the final touch to an attitude that says "try me". The style, which has been created in four different variations, brings together the House's two codes – fashion and beauty – creating a pillar of sleek contours and gold finishes that speaks directly to Christian Louboutin's passion for Egypt.

RODARTE dress from; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Lipqueen shoes.


Ellen is a woman who prefers the classics, so it's no coincidence that she felt right at home in the intricate but timeless Hot Chick Kiss – which brings together the House's iconic heel design with the characteristics of Bukey's style. A sartorial trendsetter, the Hot Chick Kiss heel is the talk of the town, just like Ellen herself. A black pompom tassel completed with embellished hand applied golden strass, and an embroidered patch that could seal any mystery with a simple kiss.

CHRISTOPHER ESBER top and skirt; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Hot Chick Kiss shoes and Loubi 54 Mini bag.


If you're in search of a little more drama than the Hot Chick Kiss has to offer, Russell is more than convincing in the unbelievable Yazeflirt Alta. A platform heel that packs a serious punch, the shoe is adorned with a magnificent tulip patch made of leather, threads, beads, jewels and chains all applied by hand. It's Christian Louboutin craftsmanship at its finest – with only a limited quantity available world wide. A face we simply can't get enough of, it's only fitting then that Russell has her hands on a pair.



To seal off the afternoon, Conteh did more than turn heads when she entered wearing the Superyaz. A masterpiece that has to be seen up close and personal to understand the hidden details within its intricate construction; the laser work adorning the side of the platform is reminiscent of a mother of pearl marquetry floor. Paired with the luxurious velvet, these are heels that you'll want to keep on all night long.

COMMON HOURS dress; CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Superyaz shoes and Carasky bag.


A capsule that takes the savoir faire of the Maison to new heights, Loubi Mystery invites us to think more closely about the crucial details that sometimes lie in the plain sight. While we might never know for certain who the culprit was in this Christian Louboutin universe, the shoes will certainly live on to tell the tale.

Left: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Lipqueen shoes. Right: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Hot Chick Kiss shoes.


Discover the Loubi Mystery collection for yourself now, through the Christian Louboutin website.

FASHION Hannah Cooper
TALENT Sarah Ellen @ IMG, Mimi Elashiry, Elodie Russell, Memu Conteh @ Kult
HAIR Madison Voloshin
MAKEUP Isabella Schimid


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