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Come behind the scenes into the world of Chanel Factory 5

In collaboration with Chanel


Transform the ordinary.

Come behind the scenes into the world of Chanel Factory 5. A realm that invites you to create and manufacture your own olfactory story.



Here, we take you behind the scenes of our production created in collaboration with Chanel Factory 5. Creative mind Kitty Callaghan shot stills and visual notes from the project, a film directed and shot by Ella Jane. It's a story that conjures the experimental energy of the 60s. A time of history rewritten and creativity running wild.

Musician and creative Maina Doe wears fashion and makeup created by the house of Chanel. But to finish the look, Doe uses products from the Chanel Factory 5 collection. N°5 The Body Creme and N°5 The Body Oil is used on Doe's body to create an effortless glow.

With Angel Jhang styling fashion and Chanel Makeup Artist Victoria Baron directing beauty, they worked together to create a mood that epitomises the Chanel woman and translates the playful whimsy of Factory 5 as a collection.




"The makeup look was inspired by the simplicity of the Factory 5 Collection, the textures of the product, black and white. Like the elegance and purity of white there is an ease and flawless nature to the complexion," says Chanel Makeup Artist Victoria Baron.

"Chanel Stylo Yeux in10 Ebene (black) framed the eyes. The Chanel Baume Essentiel created highlights and reflections on the eyelids and cheekbones which mimicked the texture of the N°5 Le Gel Pailleté Sparkling Body Gel and its plays with light.

"The makeup also reflected the mood and personality of Doe, she is a performer and has a powerful presence. I wanted her to feel natural and real but still a little untouchable in the intimate space of creating the film."

"The Chanel Factory 5 collection is about seeing things in a different way," she says. "There is the tactile nature of the product itself, how it feels on the skin, the application, the touch, the motion."



In this moment we see captures from the world of Factory 5, a Warhol-esque art space for free-thinkers and bold ideas. Doe is seen here, in front of the lens, painting her own vision and writing her own story. It is a realm of innovation, liberty and of course, celebrity.



Chanel Factory 5 is an ode to one hundred years of celebrity. It's a new experience, an innovative way to connect with the historic Chanel N°5. Factory 5 is a unique collection of 17 limited-edition products that use N° 5 as its sole ingredient. Each product is inspired by an ordinary and everyday object, but one that has now been transformed into something revolutionary. It is a reminder of the way in which this iconic fragrance can turn ordinary into extraordinary.




You're invited to invent, design and create with the industrial-inspired pieces. From body oil to shower gel, each product is created to resemble items you might see in a real factory. An innovative reinvention of a classic story, Chanel Factory 5 is a series of unforgettable collectables that celebrate the influence and raw essence of Chanel N° 5.



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