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Capricorn in 2018

The Goat
December 22 - January 19

You are a sturdy competitor. You have systematically and methodically climbed up the ladder of life. With hard work. With perseverance. With integrity.

It would be difficult to find one lazy bone in your body. You know that nothing worth having comes easy.

That is why your value lies in your work ethic. Your work ethic in your job. Your work ethic in your relationships. Your work ethic in your moral standards. You are reliable. You are dependable. You aren’t here to mess around.

You know how much you have to accomplish in this short lifetime. Some people may find your concentration unnerving while some may try to take advantage of your hard work. And still others, those special few who can see past your steel exterior, will just try and make you laugh.

2018 is going to allow you to let those people in. Instead of pushing them out of your way and assuming they are going to be the downfall on your set path towards success. Venus and Jupiter are going to show you that there is room for love and play after all. They are going to show you that love will make your life feel more well-rounded. They are going to show you that love does not have to sacrifice work. They are going to show you that having someone to retire to at the end of the day is a blessing.

Saturn, the great teacher, is going to make you learn that career goals cannot replace emotional growth. Accolades cannot replace human connection. Put your work ethic to a different and greater use this year. Work on forming genuine connections. Work on letting yourself be vulnerable. Work on letting love in. Do not continue to rob yourself of the profound and long-lasting joys in life.

Love is the birthplace of creativity. Of inspiration. And of genius. That is why to love and be loved is the most radical act of self-care there is.

Nadine Head-Gordon is an astrologer at Nadine Jane Astrology.

PHOTOGRAPHY Kitty Callaghan
PAINTING Holly Fewson