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Cancer in 2018

The Crab
June 21 - July 22

You are a mother. This is not meant to imply gender or having a child. This is about your innate ability to nurture and protect others.

You are intuitive to people’s needs. You can hear the emotional vibrations that we are all too deaf or lazy to notice.

This can be at the expense of your own needs, however. Being immersed in the thoughts and concerns of others can make you forget that you have your own. It will be a lifetime of work to remember that you cannot help others unless you help yourself first. This year Saturn, the great teacher, is going to make you learn this over and over again. Until it finally sticks.

2018 wants you to start nurturing yourself. From the inside out. Slow it down. Take care of your health, both mentally and physically. Take that extra hour every morning to be still with yourself. Ask yourself how you feel and what you need. Ask yourself what you want. Once you know these answers you can properly set boundaries with others.

Risk disappointing people with these boundaries. Some may kick and scream out of fear. Fear that they may have to do some work of their own. Fear that they may drown in their own sorrows. Do not come running to their aid at first. Let them try to swim. The right ones will understand that this is what’s best for them. The right ones will respect your self-worth. Be the mother, and the protector, to yourself that you always wished you had.

This self-care will bring you renewed energy. Energy that you will need to tackle what this year has in store for your career. Things are going to get busier. You may find yourself learning new skills. Expanding the confines of your current job description. Meeting new people. Travelling to foreign places. Embrace these waves. Learn how to roll with the ever-changing tides.

Jupiter will make sure you reap the rewards of stepping out of your shell and braving the unknown.

Nadine Head-Gordon is an astrologer at Nadine Jane Astrology.

PHOTOGRAPHY Kitty Callaghan
PAINTING Holly Fewson