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Bottega Veneta celebrates a decade in Brazil at Lino Bo Bardi’s iconic Casa de Viro

Bottega Veneta The Square

Bottega Veneta is celebrating a decade of their presence in the South American mecca of Brazil with the latest iteration of their roving The Square exhibition series in São Paulo. The unique artistic program was hosted this week at the Casa de Vidro (or 'Glass House'), the first-built project and personal residence of renowned Italian-born Brazilian modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi – her home until her death in 1992.

Through the 11-day program, artists and artworks from across Brazil will come together to honour the legacy of the architect herself, her work's interplay with Brazilian culture, and to celebrate Brazilian creativity in all its forms.

Curated by Mari Stockler, the exhibition evolved beyond the event's previous instalments in other global cities to the lush tropical setting of the Casa de Vidro, one of the country's most beloved contemporary architectural landmarks. Bringing together artists, guests and the general public for an immersive exhibit of site-specific events, the House's creative director Mattheiu Blazy was interested in placing focus on the values of craftsmanship, creative expression and, of course, Brazilian culture.

“Casa de Vidro is one of my favourite places," said Blazy about the São Paulo event. "It’s a real inspiration to meet here with artists from across generations, across disciplines, and across Brazil to celebrate Lina Bo Bardi’s legacy and the richness of Brazilian culture. Bottega Veneta is all about timeless style. With The Square São Paulo, we recognise how Lina’s ideas and aesthetics resonate to this day, always reminding us of the transformative power of design and culture.”

Bottega Veneta's cultural exchange series, The Square, was first introduced in 2022 in the city of Dubai, with a three-night pop-up majlis conceptualised by Lebanese architect and musician Carl Gerges ('majlis' being an Arabic term meaning 'sitting room', used to describe various types of special gatherings). The Italian fashion House then took the concept around the globe, to destinations including Tokyo, San Francisco and Shanghai. Four books, based on The Square’s four destinations, will also be published in a limited-edition boxed set.

Below, are some of our favourite moments from inside the intimate event.

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Images courtesy of Bottega Veneta.